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4,500 square meters of diversity

Front building
Portfolio property

Rear building
Portfolio property

New building
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In planning

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In planning

The building complex in Lausitzer Straße 34 was built between 1886 and 1888 according to plans by the architect Friedrich Lentz. The listed ensemble consists of a five-storey front building with a magnificent stucco facade and a five-storey rear building with a stucco facade facing the backyard. Both buildings will receive a new attic. In the eastern part of the area, there are additionally a factory remise and a remise which will be redeveloped in the second phase of construction and supplemented with a modern new building.

But the best is yet to come! In addition to the diverse building types and an elaborate planting concept, a unique opportunity awaits you: All flats in the rear building will be sold ready to move in, in the front building in a partly renovated condition. This is your chance to realize your ideas. After the facades, windows, staircases, doors and water pipes will have been renovated, you will have an empty canvas in front of you which allows you to realize your vision of a perfect living space. You may also lay the electrical system according to your own needs. If you wish, you may also opt for one of our fit out/furnishings packages.
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